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Indulge in Unlimited Steak and Chips Every Friday at Teppanyaki Stockton Heath!

For just £28.00, enjoy a delectable feast that never ends!

Who we are

The Ultimate Steak Lover's Experience

Every Friday, Teppanyaki Stockton Heath invites you to a culinary adventure like no other. Savour the rich, succulent flavours of our unlimited steak, perfectly paired with crispy, golden chips. 

Whether you’re dining with friends, family, or looking for a special treat, our unlimited offer promises a memorable meal.

Roasted pork steaks from neck meat in plate with potato chips. Dark background. Top view
Sliced fried pork steak on a wooden board
Top view of raw top sirloin beef steak on dark background

Quality Steak

Our unlimited steaks are premium 10oz cuts of sirloin, ensuring tender and flavourful bites every time.


Experience the vibrant atmosphere of our restaurant, where the energy of teppanyaki cooking adds excitement to your meal.

spring rolls with plum sauce


At just £28.00, our unlimited steak and chips offer is unbeatable, providing exceptional value for a premium dining experience

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